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Is there a good and current anthology of research focused on homosexuality in book form?

I want a book containing landmark studies in the research of homosexually. I'm talking about studies that focus on anything gay, from biological to social. From Simon LeVay's brain studies in the early '90s to behavior about AIDS and condom usage to studies about left-handedness being slightly more prevalent, the older brother theory, the study showing gay men's penises are slightly larger on average than straight men's, work that focuses on the voice and mannerisms, etc. The more scientific (ie, journal articles) the better. I would not like to go through volumes of journals to get this information so I would love something in a volume. Oh yeah, and current; from the 2000s.
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Have you looked into books used in intro to queer studies (or intro to sexuality / gender studies) courses?

For example, this anthology might be a good start.

Also, you could try asking the folks over at QSTUDY-L mailing list.
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