How to get a TiVo remote to work with a new Mac Mini?
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How can I use a TiVo remote with my new Mac Mini?

I picked up a new Mac Mini (the kind with the HDMI-out port on back), and would like to use my Tivo Series 2 remote with it, similar to the way I did that with my Apple TV (which let me pair just about any remote with its Back Row software). I've tried Remote Buddy ("") from IOSpirit, but no dice. Anyone know of any good software or hacks to make this happen? I currently run Boxee and Hulu Desktop on the Mini so as to use it primarily as a home media pc.

Please note: I have no interest in the Harmony or the iPhone or other remotes... my family uses the TiVo remote to control the TiVo and the TV, and have loved its ability to also control the Apple TV.
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The Mac mini and Apple TV use the same remote codes. At least, I've told my Harmony I have an Apple TV, and it controls my Mac mini. Perhaps the mini came with its remote already paired with it? In that case, it will only work with that one remote. However, you can un-pair the remote in the Security preference pane, and any Apple remote (or reasonable facsimile thereof) should work.
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I hear and respect your note about other remotes, but please allow me to recommend the Sony RM-VL600 remote in case you're unable to get the TiVo remote to work. It does not have the cluttered interface that bogs down other universal remotes, and you can easily teach it without ever using any codes (you basically just have to point the other remote at it and click a button of your choice; it does the rest). It controls my TV, Roku box, DVD player and Mac mini without any problems. It also lets you mix-and-match your button assignments (so, for example, when it's set to "TV" you could have all the channel/volume buttons control the TV, while the arrow/play/pause/menu buttons control the Mac mini).
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Response by poster: @thejoshu Thanks for the tip... I've bookmarked the Sony remote if that sad reality comes to pass that I can't use the TiVo remote with the Mac Mini.
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