AVCHD conversion solution for WHS
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Batch convert AVCHD video files on Windows Home Server?

I've shot a ton of video of my 10-month-old and it's all in AVCHD/MTS format. I use Macs but am storing the AVCHD files on my HP Mediasmart Windows Home Server (upgraded to a faster CPU). I want to use the server's generally unused CPU cycles to convert the files to whatever will load best into iMovie9 or Final Cut Express. Aunsoft appears to do this for $29 but they have forum-spammed so many places that I hesitate to purchase it.

The ideal solution will let me create a new folder using the date of the footage as its name inside a folder called "raw video," drop the AVCHD files into that folder, and come back later to find the files converted to Mac-edit-friendly files.

Bonus points for a mechanism that allows me to play MTS files on my HDTV by copying them back onto some device or other. This works post-shoot by directly hooking the originating camera up, but after erasing files from the camera's card, I can't copy earlier MTS files BACK to the camera to play them directly again...

TIA Mefites!
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Try http://code.google.com/p/tsdemuxer/
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