Where can I hire a tandem bicycle in the Bristol area?
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Has anyone out there ever hired a tandem in the Bristol area (UK)?

My boyfriend and I both enjoy cycling and would like to have a go on a tandem. Internet searches and a few phone calls have been fairly fruitless, but we would very much like to hire one rather than spending quite a lot of money buying one, since we may or may not get on with it, and won't know until we try. We'd be willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the southwest region, since we have friends and family in Devon, Cornwall, south Wales etc...

Can anyone share their experiences of tandem hire with me? Who did you hire from? Did you hire a road/touring/racing/mountain bike? Was it good value for money?

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No personal experience, but one or two of the links here at the Tandem Club are within the areas you mention.
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Many years ago I worked at a cycle hire place in Wadebridge, about half-way along the Camel Trail. It's a lovely cycle trail - converted from an old railway line - that takes you along a good part of the Camel valley. I can't recommend it enough if you want a variety of scenery (lots of woodland along the river, then good estuary views). It's pretty level, well-maintained and has plenty of good stops for picnics, as well as a conveniently-placed town (Wadebridge) at the half-way mark where you can pick up a decent pasty from Barnecutt's.

If you want to start at the Padstow end, you can pick up a tandem at Trail Bike Hire. Probably worth booking in advance as it's the summer. You'd have to phone them to find out what kind of tandems they have.

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It's been a while since I've been there, but the folks at Avon Valley Cyclery in Bath were always very knowledgeable. Being one of the stockists of the Tandem Tuesday they are likely to know of other tandem shops in the area. I expect one of the bike-geeks there would know somewhere to hire one if you phoned and asked.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys those are great suggestions. I'm looking forward to checking them out!
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