Looking for the right grade school in Rochester, NY
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My aunt is looking for the right grade school for her nine-year old son. They will be in Rochester, NY. Any ideas?

My aunt is relocating to Rochester, NY with her nine-year old son. He's a great, bright kid with ADHD (which is being treated with medication and other therapies) and she'd really like to find the right school for him. Currently he's enrolled in a very tailored/specialized program that works beautifully for him and she'd like to find something comparable in Rochester.

His current program is based in Waldorf education; he gets a lot of one-on-one attention and there's a big focus on physical activity. He loves to dig and build and create. Academically he's a bright kid but he needs more time to master new material than a typical kid would.

I have already started to look into the Cobblestone School and the Genesee Community Charter School at the Rochester Museum but I would love to hear your experiences with those schools.

Cost is not an consideration and anything in the greater Rochester area is fine.
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Response by poster: Update for posterity: we found the most amazing public school program for him in Hilton, NY (where they live). It's Quest Elementary and we could not be happier with the program and teachers.
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