Boston fireworks visible from Brighton?
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Where to see the Boston fireworks in the Brighton area?

I'm staying with a friend in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, and we're wondering if there's anywhere around here that we could see the fireworks from. We can take the B or C lines of the T.

We were thinking the grassy area by the Charles behind the BU School of Theology, because we had heard they would be over the river somewhere. We might also be able to get on top of our building, which is sort of on a hill. Would either of those work?

Thanks for the help!
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Best answer: Corey Hill in Brookline. Gorgeous view and you can see multiple towns' fireworks from up there if you arrive early enough. (Which you should have done by now, given that it's 7PM in Boston!) Take the C line to Summit Avenue and walk up from there.
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(I suggest this for Brighton because you can also get to Corey Hill from the Brighton side by taking the B line just past Harvard Ave to Washington Street and walking up from there.)
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I like seeing them over the river from one of the bridges (did BU bridge last year). Access from the Cambridge side of the river will be less crazy than Boston side right now, but might be tedious to get to from Brighton at the moment, especially if you haven't headed down yet.
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Response by poster: We ended up doing Corey Hill. It was pretty crowded but we managed to get space for 8 of us despite not having gotten there until 30 minutes before the show. Some trees that I'm sure are great for 364 days of the year ended up blocking most of them, but there were areas that had good-enough views. All in all, quite satisfying. Thanks for the suggestions!
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