Looking for sushi making supplies near Kitty Hawk, NC.
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Sushi supplies at or near Kitty Hawk, NC. Also, best seafood market?

The family is staying at Kitty Hawk this week, and my daughter wanted me to make her sushi for her birthday. Since I am near fresh seafood, I figured making up some delicious sushi would be fun. So where is a good place to pick up supplies? I didn't think to bring my stuff with me.

I would also like to probe the hive to find out what you guys feel is the best fish market in the area.

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Harris Teeter should have the stuff you need for sushi.
I was just down at Cape Hatteras last week and notices there's now a "North Carolina Caught" designation (something like that) for seafood. Find a local market and ask where their seafood comes from. If they can't tell you, there's your answer!
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For the fish, we love Austin Seafood in Nags Head. They can tell you when and where everything in their case was caught. I've never gotten less-than-pristine fish from them.

(And we make ceviche a lot on vacation, so I'm eating a lot of that fish basically raw as well.)
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(Just curious, because I live about an hour and a half from Nags Head. How do people find out about the Outer Banks?? It's always seemed like a place that just people from VA and NC go to vacation to me!)
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Response by poster: I think my wife's family has gone here from years, and their extended family is from somewhere down this way. Seems like a bit of a too long trip for me, but they dig on it.

I'll check out the spots you guys mentioned. Thanks for the tips!
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My friends in Kitty Hawk buy their fresh seafood from the place just after the Wright Bros bridge, across the street from Kitty Hawk Elementary. Carawan is the name, I think.
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