Can I write notes on my smartphone that will show up on my PC's desktop?
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Is there any web service/software for my Android phone that will allow me take written notes/reminders that will show up on my Windows desktop when logging in? Would be great for GTD.
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Give Evernote for Android a try. Haven't used the Android client myself but I have been using the iPod Touch version for a couple of months now and so far it's great. No reminders, unfortunately, but it's pretty robust and well designed.
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Yep Evernote is what you need. I have it on my Android phone and it works perfectly for syncing notes, photos and web clipping etc. between phone and computer, but as christopherious says, no reminders.

If you find something that does note syncing AND reminders please let me know!
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Evernote has a max upload amount, but should be fine for notes.... I use google calendar with the android calendar app for reminders
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I like to over-engineer things by nature, but I created a bunch of gmail filters which copy-to RTM and Evernote addresses, so I can have reminders and notes in their appropriate places and links included where need be.

I use google calendar on android, and then Rainlendar on my desktop.

For reminders/tasks I use RTM, which also hooks into Astrid on my android, and Rainlendar on my desktop.

Rainlendar will alert you in windows when a calendared appointment comes up.

I find that tools that try to cover every part of the GTD equation are often crippled in one or more elements and limit the ways you can interact with the data. Often you need to piece together the tools you need into a workable system that has low up keep and high flexibility.
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I use Evernote on occasion, but love the Astrid/RTM combo mostly. Google Calendar is good for planning, but I use Astrid for tasks and reminders more than anything else.
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