Fireworks in Echo Park?
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Los Angelino MeFites: Are there supposed to be fireworks at the Echo Park lake tonight? Any suggestions on where to catch fireworks on the Eastside tonight?

I know there have been fireworks at the lake in the past but I can't find any info for this year. Don't really wanna go West for fireworks. Any place in the Los Feliz/Silverlake/Echo Park vicinity we could catch fireworks?
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I don't see anything listed on the LAist fireworks list, although that may be incomplete. I'd say if you haven't seen any test fireworks over the last several nights, that would add to the evidence against it.
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This is pretty much it for Echo Park. LAist would have the full scoop, I think, so their list is probably canonical.
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Best answer: Eagle Rock is the closest I can find.
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Any problem with the Rose Bowl? It's been a few years since I've been in town on the 4th, but they probably still close off Colorado St. bridge to traffic (I hope).
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If you're looking for fireworks in Echo Park, there may be some next weekend at the Lotus Festival.
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