Help me find DBT resources, please!
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Calling all therapists: Resources for learning to practice Dialectical Behavior Therapy (as a therapist, not a client)?

I'm in my fifth year of grad school in clinical psychology, and I'd really like to learn to do DBT. I'm already sitting in and helping with a group, but I would like more training, particularly in the individual therapy component. I've got the Linehan books, and some workbooks too, but would like to see more of what is out there. I can't afford the official week-long training at this time ($$$$!)

I would really like to get training during my predoctoral internship year, but I'm having trouble finding sites to consider applying to. I know they are out there, I just don't know the best way to sift through them all. The match site's search function isn't tremendously helpful, and I feel like my google searches are missing some. Anybody know of some sites with good rotations in DBT/ personality disorder focused positions?

I'd also love to find listservs or forums out there where clinicians discuss issues pertaining to DBT and treatment in general. Most of what I've found has been for DBT clients, not the therapists.
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NSU in Florida is where I am a dbt client in their TRIP program. Dr Steve Gold is the Dr who oversees all of the interns.

TRIP stands for trauma resolution and integration program. To my knowledge, no member of any of the groups I've been in carried the diagnosis that dbt was designed for. (I'm working on my PTSD as a result of repeated childhood trauma, with a recently diagnosed comorbid ADHD)

If the program at Nova doesn't interest you (they do have at least one post doc intern!), dr Gold may be able to connect you with one that's a better fit for you.
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Oh. Pre-doctoral, not post.

Anyway, get in touch with them! They have interns.
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I have a colleague who has been pursuing some of the formal DBT training (Behavioral Tech training), and has done some already. I'm MeMailing you about how to contact her, if you'd like to.

Also, my experience: I think honestly that DBT is one of the least truly-requiring-intense-training (although I can very much imagine that someone without much background in mindfulness or CBT would have a rough time... I don't know if I'm just particularly well-versed?), and there are lots of decent how-to-do-it training books [it occurs to me that you might be looking for a specific certification in DBT or something, which would render my answers unhelpful, so if so, I'm sorry], and one that's pretty easily translated into practice.

The Linehan Skills Training Manual is helpful (although a little bit of a pain when you're not using it specifically for BPD, which is really only a little part of what it can be used for), as is another Linehan book, DBT with Sucidal Adolescents. I have often used the DBT Skills Workbook with clients in worksheet format, and even in helping me frame the way I respond to clients' process in a more general way.
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Response by poster: I feel fairly comfortable with the group skills but would really like a place where I can get supervision in doing the individual treatment component. I don't care so much about certification so much as general competency, so that I don't get myself in over my head or something with a client.
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