A register of registers?
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How can I get a matching replacement for my home's (apparently non-standard) heating registers?

I've looked at lots of pictures from lots of heating register and grille vendors in the past few days, but I haven't seen anything that looks like the registers that are in our house. Unfortunately, some of our registers (all identical, as in this picture) are in bad shape, can't be closed, are bent up, are making buzzing noises, or just plain look ugly from the prior owners having slathered them with paint.

Any hints as to what this kind of heating register is called, or how I could find them? Do you know if they're vintage (the house was built in the 20s) or a newer build?

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Iv'e been doing this same thing lately. "baseboard" is the search term you want to use and yes those look pretty old imho. Here's some that might work.
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Frankly, I have to say it looks to me like your registers have already been retrofitted. The grille design, to me, says late 20th century. A 1920s register would have been vertical slats and much larger -- or possibly something wonderfully ornate or art deco. So basically I wouldn't worry about matching what you have, unless you want that functionality (obviously, it's better for preventing things dropping down, or small fingers getting caught in the hinge). You're free to find something that strikes your fancy and fits your opening (horizontally, at least).
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I agree that they don't look vintage, but more like someone attached a newer grill piece to an older register opening. I'd try scoring the edge of the grill part with a utility knife to break the paint, then unscrewing those two screws and seeing if it comes off. Take that to a hardware store to find a suitably-sized replacement. If there's a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area, check there, too. You might find something actually vintage or at least interesting to use.
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The grille looks like a standard part. If you're fine with not replacing the whole thing, I suspect you could just unscrew the grille and take it to either a home center or (better) an HVAC supplier. I'm guessing it's like 10x10 or 12x12 although it's hard to say from the photo. You can get some pretty nice faux Art Deco ones in stainless or brass that might match the house.
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Aha. Baseboard is indeed the magical word, also "gravity registers." Nothing looks like an exact match, but at least I'm now going in the right direction.
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