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Very important question. Can we work together to figure out the actual lyrics to "Sailing to Nowhere" by Broken Bells?

Does anyone know James or Brian for a definitive answer? I realize it might be part of the master plan, to allow people to interpret on their own. It's the loveliest album I've heard in a long time! But this issue distracts me.

The part I'm most curious about is this, about 1:03:

_____ systems
Trading in lives
Taken down by the hounds
One by one

The lyrics sites I've found all have something wildly different from what I'm hearing, a version of this:

Boiling systems
Drain the lot
They go down by their hearts
One by one

Does anyone have a clue at to what the blank is? I'm not buying "boiling." "Bodily"? Am I crazy on the rest of this verse? I MUST KNOW.

I heard it a little more clearly in this video.
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Sounds like "bodily" to me!
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I think it's supposed to be "boily" = like Boil+y. Boily systems.
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I hear "lively."
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I heard "lively systems/trading in lives/brought down by the hounds/one by one"
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Sounds like "battling" to me too, but I can't find any fan/lyric sites to back that up.
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Best answer: Battling systems, trading in lives
taken down by the hounds one by one
longing to find our way out
following the ghost down
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Response by poster: I feel better knowing that practically everyone heard something different. Thanks, you guys!
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(One problem with lyrics sites is that once one gets the lyrics, a gazillion other ones just copy the first one. It's all about getting page views and ad clicks, rather than, say, the accuracy of lyrics.)
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