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I need to store a car in Santa Barbara for two weeks.

Background, cuz that's what makes questions fun:
We live in Los Angeles, more or less. We're going camping for two weeks. After that, we go directly to Santa Barbara for a reunion with the in-laws. They've rented a house for a week. The in-law crew will be Am-tracking from San Diego up to SB. One other person will be driving to SB. His car and our SUV will provide 9 seats for the reunion week. There will be 11 people there. So.

Our proposed solution is to send our teenager in our second car up to SB on the Thursday before we leave for our camping trip. Teenager can park the car someplace safe, cab it to the train station and come home. Then we can go on our trip, and will have the extra wheels in Santa Barbara when we get to the reunion.

Can you suggest a safe place to store a car for two weeks? Rented storage? Long term parking lots? Anyplace that stores RV, boats, trailers and such?

tl;dr: Where can I safely store a car is Santa Barbara for two week?

Thanks, mefites!
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Best answer: The Santa Barbara Amtrak station says it has a long-term parking option that sounds good, but I don't know if you already checked that out. The Santa Barbara Airport is very close to the Goleta Amtrak station, and it also has a long-term parking lot.

The only RV/trailer/boat storage place I know of around there is a semi-sketchy lot next to the train tracks in the Ellwood neighborhood of Goleta. :) I also know people who have simply left their cars parked in Isla Vista for a couple weeks, but those cars run the risk of catching the neighborhood plague of broken side mirrors!
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Response by poster: I tink I would have gone with the cheap place next to Ellwood. But we found another person coming from the south who was able to drive it for us. So, all solved.
Thanks dreamyshade!
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Cool, I'm glad it worked out.
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