How do I get Extensis Suitcase X1 to auto-activate fonts in Photoshop CS?
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How do I get Extensis Suitcase X1 to auto-activate fonts in Photoshop CS?

The Extensis knowledgebase says:

Unfortunately no, Suitcase X1 does not auto-activate fonts for Adobe Photoshop. Alternatively, you can activate the fonts manually from Suitcase or create an application set.

That being said, does anyone know of a hack or plugin or magic potion that will get the 2 of them to work together? It's driving me batty.
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This isn't really what you are looking for, but FontAgent Pro will do what you want. Not a shill, just a satisfied customer.
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These programs are font managers. That is, they allow you to control what fonts you have running on your system at any one time. As you've noted, having lots of fonts open causes slowdowns, so for designers who usually have collections of thousands of fonts, being able to open and close fonts on the fly is a must. These programs will allow you to do that. They will also allow you to look at the fonts to see what they look like without actually activating them, and they will also auto-activate fonts in particular programs so that you don't have to open and close fonts manually.

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To more directly address odinsdream's last question: No, a font manager will not let you sample through every font in your system more quickly in Photoshop. But they WILL let you preview fonts more quickly within the font management program's browser window itself, then activate just the ones you want to use. And they will generally do this in a much more efficient manner than FontBook does.

They also let you manage sets of fonts and classify fonts according to your own criteria so you can activate and deactivate them in batches as desired.

As for paulrockNJ's original question: I bet PS autoactivation will be in a newer version of Suitcase. And I bet they're going to make you pay full price for the upgrade. I use FontAgent Pro and I'd recommend switching to it like ninthart did, but it has its share of annoyances, too--like scanning and rebuilding your *entire font database* every time you add a new font.
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Yeah, that is pretty annoying. It's not so bad on the Dual G5 I use, as I can just let it work in the background, but not everyone's as fortunate as me. It is the one thing that I miss about Font Reserve. Adding fonts to that was a breeze. But the database on that was pretty wacky, and it wasn't going to get any better after Extensis bought it up...

I guess the reason that it scans the entire database is because of its repair functionality (it checks for corruption). But still...
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