Why men in the VIP are insecure?
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Help me find this article: It's written buy a guy who used to work at nightclubs & it's an "inside look" at how nightclubs are designed to make men feel inferior & insecure so that they get expensive VIP table service. My google-fu has failed me and I don't remember where I saw the article.

From the little bit I remember, he had a few theories that to me were unexpected & fairly well grounded as to why men get tables & bottle service, and why even that continues to make them insecure, forcing them to keep upping the ante.
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Sociologist David Grazian wrote a book, On the Make: the Hustle of Urban Nightlife, about nightclubs and the status games played there -- maybe it was an excerpt from that, or an interview with the author?
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I immediately thought of this guy's blog- he was pretty big there for a while.
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Nameless- That's probably it. Not quite how I remember it, but it uses the word 'insecure' prominently, and I did troll the Reddit AMA a while back.

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