I'm making a pie for the forth of July
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I would like to make a pie for a small July 4th gathering tomorrow. It must work in a homemade graham cracker crust. Suggestions?

A few things: I can't find key limes or key lime juice in my neighborhood right now, so that's out (though if you know of a good non-key-lime version of a key lime-type pie, I'll take it).

I'm not all that into cheesecake.

The pie will need to be able to withstand being transported for up to an hour in 90 degree weather tomorrow. Most of that time will be spent on an air-conditioned train, but this means some sort of frozen pie that can melt would be a little dicey.

I have graham cracker crumbs on hand and would like to use them for this recipe, hence the need for a pie that will work in a graham cracker crust.

Any ideas? Thank you!
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How about a fruit tart? I don't have a particular recipe to suggest but basically a cream cheesey filling and fresh fruit with a glaze. Yummy.
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So dairy is (mostly) out. What about strawberry pie? Goes great in a graham cracker crust, and you can buy a can of whipped cream when you get to your destination. Or carry the can of whipped cream with you.
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The schadenfreude pie by jscalzi will be gooey regardless of temperature, in my experience.
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Best answer: Key lime pies do not HAVE to utilize key limes. Use regular limes. No one will really know! Or they will, but be in heaven because your lime pie is phenomenal. I like this recipe.
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Fresh strawberry pie. Make the crust. Hull & slice enough berries to mound up in shell, but put in a container. Buy or make red gel. It's corn-starch and sugar based. Make real whipped cream. When you arrive, gently combine gel and berries, spoon into pie shell. Whipped cream on the side. Blueberry garnish = blue, white & red. Happy Bastille Day! (see, not USA-ist, even a little)

I've never made the red gel that holds the berries together, so the recipe link is just a guess. I looked at some in the store recently, and it was cornstarch, sugar, water, red dye(beet juice would substitute well, if you don't like dyes.) and some flavorings.
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Lemon Icebox Pie! It's a Southern classic very similar to key lime. Some recipes are chilled in the freezer and some in the fridge. My grandmother used the fridge method, and this recipe looks very similar to hers except she used meringue browned quickly in the oven instead of whipped cream. Meringue will probably travel better anyway. I think the pie would stand up to transport fine, especially if you can pop it back in the fridge for a bit when you get to the party.
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Even with the traveling consideration, I'd make a pudding pie of some sort.

Your best bet is along the lines of what theora55 suggests: take the crust and filling separately and combine at your location. Graham cracker crust erodes/dissolves easily, particularly with fruit acids.
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We're in roughly the same situation - lots of graham crackers and in need of a pie for tomorrow. We settled on a s'mores pie.
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See if you can track down the Cook's Illustrated Coconut Cream Pie recipe. It calls for animal crackers for the crust but Graham crackers would be fine.
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Cook's Illustrated tested key limes vs. "regular" limes in a Key Lime Pie recipe and there was no appreciable difference. So go ahead and make it with regular limes. It is delicious, easy and with regular limes, there is a whole lot less work.
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Mango pie uses graham cracker crusts and is good.
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I really like making S'more pie which basically amounts to breaking up some chocolate in the bottom of a graham cracker crust, topping it with tons of mini-marshmallows and then baking for just 10 or 15 minutes at 350. Watch it so it doesn't burn. You're just wanting warm chocolate and toasty mallows on top.

I like this especially because you can often make it on site and serve it warm.
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Once I got to thinking about lemon icebox pie I realized I'd have to make one myself even though I haven't done so in forever. Reading the reviews of the recipe I linked to above, it seems like some people had problems with the filling not setting up. Upon further review, I realized the baking method in this recipe from Food & Wine looks more familiar to me. I'm probably going to use that method but with four or six yolks and 1/2-3/4 cup lemon juice as opposed to eight yolks and 1 1/4 cups lemon.
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I have made these lime bars with graham cracker crust a zillion times for summery stuff (using normal limes works more than fine and is a billion times less hassle) to great acclaim. They would work just as well in a pie pan as they do in a square plan. If you have a mixer, they are probably about the easiest fastest things possible- so good, so much bang for your buck. Even the garnishes aren't particularly necessary, they're super-good as is.

Although....mmm, lemon icebox, haven't thought of that in years. I think I might have a project for tonight.
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I think pecan pie would be luscious with graham crust, it's sturdy and can have no dairy, and I've used graham crust in baked pies before.
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Container of whipped cream, can of condensed milk, and half a can of frozen limeade concentrate. Mix it together, put it in the crust, and chill. Traditional family favorite and will travel just fine.
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I make a dead-easy chocolate pie in a graham cracker crust. Melt chocolate and kahlua in the microwave. Blend a container of tofu in the blender. Add melted chocolate and blend well. Pour into crust. Chill. Devour.
It's from Alton Brown. I make it for my vegan sister (with margarine in the crust) but no need to tell people it's vegan! It should travel well once chilled.
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Like stubborn's recipe, but substitute any flavor packet of Kool-Aid for the limeade. Make sure it's the kind in an envelope without sugar added to it.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! I ended up going with the recipe wocka wocka wocka posted and just made it with regular limes. It turned out great, and I made some whipped cream to go along with it. I'd stuck the whipped cream transportation container in the freezer for a while before making it and then packed everything up with an ice pack for the trip down. Everything survived and it was delicious. Will definitely try some of the other posted recipes in the future.
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