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I've drifted away from following the Tour de France over the last few years, and would like to get back into it this year. What's the best (web-based) way of doing this?

Throughout the 90s and early 00s I avidly followed the Tour de France every year. I read the papers and would watch the highlights or live stages on TV, but I now live in Argentina and I can't count on there being decent TV coverage. So I need good web coverage (both words and pictures) - what do you recommend?
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Cyclingfans is your best bet for internet video streams. Some are official, some are not so official, but you'll usually find one that works.

For written coverage, try Cyclingnews or Velonews. Podiumcafe is a very good community blog, with lively discussion and interesting sidebar links.
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PS, the Podiumcafe threads are much easier to follow if you create an account, log in, and use the Z key to navigate between comments. It's a very clever system.
posted by afx237vi at 9:58 AM on July 3, 2010 has a subscription package for US $29.95.
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JimN2TAW, do you know where to go on the versus site to find that? I'm on there now and it's a clusterfuck.
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Response by poster: That versus thing looked promising. Available in US & Canada only unfortunately.
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I watched the prologue

Worked pretty good. I just googled and picked some random link.
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Best answer: Here is a wiki from that covers exactly this topic:
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