Who controls the use of creative content
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Perplexed, informed, conflicted--Outstanding sources regarding the ethical, economic and legal issues related to music, print copyrights and intellectual property.

In the last several days on Metafilter there has been extended discussions regarding the copyright, intellectual and economic issues related to file sharing, piracy, using borrowing and control of creative content--particularly music and original print content. The discussion focused on what rights the artist and/or their agent has to control the (future) use of their creative content. I am not looking to rehash the discussion but I am looking for outstanding and excellent discussions and analysis of the issues. I hope it would contain the pro's and con's of different legal, ethical and economic perspectives on the issue. As I am traveling I would appreciate on line resources. While I have my own biases I hope to expand my understanding. Thanks for any help.
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A friend of mine, who is a lyricist/composer on Broadway, posted this link to her Facebook wall recently: http://www.jasonrobertbrown.com/weblog/
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Well, there's torrentfreak, a blog which has a definite (pro-filesharing) perspective, but is a good source for news.

An academic/historical work (which you can purchase as - a totally DRM'd - ebook): Piracy, by Adrian Johns.

There are, of course, also the regulars in the copyleft movement: Clay Shirky, Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, etc. Here's a fairly typical article from Lessig about copyright and the Google book settlement.

Out of all of these, probably the most "balanced" approach in your terms is in the Johns work (if you're interested in contemporary debates you can stick to the later chapters though there are a few solid earlier ones). Sorry if these are all already linked to in the ongoing discussions you mention... not sure what's out there.
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