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What is the best property management software for handling ~100 units, with multiple tenants per unit, and online access to data?

I manage a pair of apartment complexes in the Midwest, and I have been put in charge of finding us some new property management software. It must meet a few specific qualifications:

1. Must be able to track 96 units.
2. Must be able to assign up to three (3) tenants to each unit.
3. Must have the ability to view data remotely (i.e. a web-based application or some sort of FTP-like feature)

We have 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, and no matter how much we beg and plead for a single rent check, roommates inevitably end up paying separately. Hence the need to track tenants individually. Our home office is on the East Coast, and they need to be able check the books periodically.

Most of the offerings I've found meet one or two of these requirements. I did find one that looked perfect, but of course it was from a small developer who seemed to have gone belly-up because they didn't respond to any emails or phone calls. (I can't recall the name of it now.)

When I came in, I inherited some Google Docs spreadsheets, but they're just not cutting it.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I have no actual experience with it, but SS&C makes property management and accounting software. If that product isn't for you, perhaps there's some info on that page that will lead you to other software companies.
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In the property management offices I've worked in, we have used Edge or Spectra software; the company is Domin8 or somesuch.
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How about -- I have no personal experience but they're a local company so they came to mind. They run using a SaaS model, so it's all hosted and you don't have to deal with any administration.
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My company uses online property management software by RealPage called OneSite. Love it: See it here
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Response by poster: Thanks for these suggestions. I'm sitting down to browse them now.
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Response by poster: Wound up going with Buildium because it met all of our requirements at the cheapest price.
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