Retro photo filters software for Mac?
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Standalone programmes similar to the "Hipstamatic" iPhone app?

I enjoy fiddling with some of the retro filter programmes on my iPhone like Hipstamatic, Camera+, etc... but of course, with all of those I'm stuck with the limits of the iPhone's camera.. are there any pieces of software (Mac) that would allow me to apply similar filters to any photo, raw or otherwise?

I have adobe lightroom so if you know of plugins that would slot right into that, that would work. I'm not a photo processing pro and so am not interested in manually applying all kinds of curves and stuff -- I'm just looking for a one-click thing to mess about with for fun.
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There's a free app at polardroid, but I don't think that has the variety of filters you seek.
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There's a whole industry built up around developing lightroom presets, which are pretty much exactly what you described: one-click filters that you can modify if desired. The top google hit is PresetsHeaven, and there are tons more after that. You should be able to find plenty of freebies, but quite a bit of photographers, wedding photogs especially, sell their own presets as well.
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This answer might only be half-helpful, but have you looked at swankolab? It's an iphone app made by the same people as hipstamatic, but works on any photo. I doubt it's terribly high quality, but it's definitely better than the hipstamatic. And it's $2. Sweet.
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Free browser-based image editor Picnik does something similar. It's integrated with Flickr, too.
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Lightroom Killer Tips has a ton of free presets available on their site. Some of my favourites that would fit the bill for you: Lomo, Vintage New York, Surreal Edgy Effect. It's also fun to mix and match presets - I had an old rejected shot that I applied Lomo + Surreal Edgy to, and bingo!
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