Do I need to renew my passport before moving to the West Side?
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[Cleveland filter] I have lived and worked on the East side for the last eight years and am moving to Lakewood to be closer to my new job.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve visited Cleveland’s West side and now I’ll be living a few blocks away from Lake Erie and just a short drive from I-90. Westsiders! What shouldn’t I miss?

I’m vegetarian.
I read a lot.
I will not under any circumstances attend a Browns/Indians/Cavs game; I am a lifelong Reds/Bengals fan, sorry.*
I have an iPhone (so I guess I can use the various social/restaurant apps).
I have a car and enjoy driving it.
I am not against using public transit.

* Unless they are playing the Reds/Bengals.
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Stino Da Napoli is one of the few places my East-side family regularly crosses the river for. Have the gnocchi.
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Best answer: ohhh ! I'm not sure what more specifically you're looking for, but here goes a few suggestions.

The rapid has a station at 117th and madison, and stops at west 25th and lorain, right across from the west side market.

- Lakewood Park [not sure if that's the name, it's on Lake Ave] is amazing, you can read overlooking Lake Erie. Driving down Lake Ave [from cleveland to Avon Lake] and looking at all of the fancy houses across the west side is great if you like to leisurely drive.
- There's some good restaurants: ... there's melt [I feel trite saying it, but it's worth a try, go during off hours though, the wait is hour+ otherwise], the souper market [togo soups, some of which are veg], the places in Tremont [although some can be spendy].

- Madison Ave. has plenty of bars on it, some dive, some nicer ones, some college-aged ones.

None that have great menus for vegetarians [I'm not a vegetarian, sorry] stick out to me, but Tremont has plenty of foodie places if you're looking for them.

- If you haven't been to the west side market, well, you should try it at least once.

- never been there, but I saw you're interested in German food/lang/culture, so try out the Der Braumeister, it's somewhere on the west side.

- bookstores, alas, there aren't many non-chains [which tend to be at the malls, like crocker park, like a west-side legacy village] besides visible voice [in tremont] and something else that escapes my mind that's on 25th, a block or 2 north of the west side market, and a place in river [aka: Rocky River].

- You probably already know, the library system in Cuyahoga and CLE is pretty good. The Lakewood branch was recently renovated and is quite large.
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2nd-ing the West Side Market.
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