Used 47-52" LCD TV - Models & Where to buy?
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I'm looking for a 47-52" LCD TV to buy - but I want to buy USED - 2years old, for say, ca. $500ish. Recommendations of models and places to buy them please…..

I'd like to take advantage of depreciation as we don't need the latest flash-bang device. Advice on models and where to find them (am already looking on craigslist).

Minimal requirements, basically : It has to hang on a wall, preferably do 1080p, I'd like to be able to connect digital cable and my laptop computer (mac) to it to watch movies. We'll be ca. 9-11 ft away from the TV on our sofa, and want one that has reasonable, but not necessarily excellent motion response, contrast ratio, brightness etc. We dont plan on getting a separate sound system (at least inititally), so one with loud enough speakers for a 15x12 ft room would be great…..

Any other advice on what to look for in a used LCD tv would be appreciated.......(e.g. how to check that the lamp is good, lcd isnt damage etc).....
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I can't offer recommendations on buying used, but for connecting the Mac get a Mini-DVI -> VGA connector and a TV that has a VGA connector. I know the latest Samsung models have a VGA input, not sure about used ones from 2-3 years ago.
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You might have luck checking pawn shops.

Or ask about repossessed units at "rent-to-own" places. If they've got a large inventory, they'll usually make a good cash-price deal on their older stuff.
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Check "" Every day they have random chosen, and mostly refurbished items (with warranties, though, don't be scared by it); alot of times they will have LCD tvs; i know this because my boyfriend is a TV-shopping afficianado after purchasing one for himself and for my place (although from Sam's, no less)--he'll tell me that woot had another one of the tv's we purchased for sale. He has purchased a few electronic items from Woot. I bought a refurbished dyson vacuum from them for $150 and it's been awesome, like new. Only thing is, you don't have any shopping choice, obviously, it's whatever they are selling day to day. (By the way, we ended up with 47" and 42" Phillips LCDs, and they are great).
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I would be wary of any "used" upscale electronics on Craigslist, due both to possible fenced items or just someone unloading faulty tvs.

I would stick to a site like which at least has some accountability and warranties. Do a search for "refurbished" on their site.

I've had good luck with the Vizio brand, I have one at home and have recommended them to others. They look pretty darn good, are less expensive and have all the ports that I need. A quick search on Buy doesn't show any in the 47-52 size, but a 42 is $625 with free shipping.
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I am less than impressed with my Samsung's speakers. I would seriously recommend looking into some sort of separate speaker system to fill the room. We have a very low end all-in-one DVD surround system which does a fantastic job of boosting the audio. (simple cable from audio output on the TV to 'aux in' on the DVD system.

With limited budget I would even pick up an old amp for $30 and some speakers. These new sleek TVs just don't have speakers big enough to fill a good sized room.
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I would seriously stay away from used, two year old TVs. As stated above, you might be buying stolen goods or somebody else's problems. In addition, two years is the beginning of problems with LCD and Plasma sets. It may work fine for you for six months and then go on the fritz. If you buy new or refurbished, at least you have some recourse if it goes out in the first 90 days. If you are into those sort of things, you can buy an extended warranty from a dealer, not from Joe down the street. Wait until the day after Thanksgiving and get your choice of $500 new TVs.
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