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Is there such a thing as Comic Books On Tape? What are some sources of (free-ish) audio material to occupy my young son on a road trip?

I have a 4-year-old son who loves superheroes and loves stories but hates long car trips. Seriously. "Are We There Yet?" has no culturally ironic meaning for this child.

Are there any sites (paid or preferably free) that post MP3s of comic book stories (or even old radio shows of Batman and Superman) that I could snag for my MP3 player to listen to on the road? I have a recollection of Stan Lee reading Spiderman stories on old 45s that would do the kitschy trick.

He also likes Knights, Scooby Doo, Buzz Lightyear and all manner of interesting narrative. Folktales and Fables have not done the trick so far. Is there anything pop-culture-y that is floating around on those interwebs I've heard so much about?
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There's a sizable audio books section in the children's area in my local library - maybe yours too? Which, conveniently enough, I can search online and reserve and all that great stuff. That's what I do for my son - I don't know about comic book stories, but I have to imagine they'd have some. They have spongebob, I know that much :)
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I don't know if your library offers this but mine has downloadable audiobooks [bit of a pain to get through all the hurdles, but decent stuff] and browsing the kid's section I'm seeing stuff like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Curious George and Where the Wild Things Are. I was hoping to find something like Captain Underpants but I did not. You might want to see if your library has anything similar.
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Best answer: Have you looked through the archive for Kiddie Records Weekly? I love The Great Gildersleeve reading "Gerald McBoing Boing". Bugs Bunny, "My Favorite Martian" and Dick Tracy are in there too.
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Superman from They have lots of other Old Time Radio stuff as well.
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Response by poster: Oh man, Monkeytoes. Kiddie Records Weekly is good stuff. Keep 'em comin'
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Graphic Audio specializes in precisely what you describe! Check out their DC collection, for example.
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Not to be a jerk but... how about books?
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Response by poster: Not to be another jerk Dirtynumbangelboy, but he can't read yet and I'll be driving a car.

Don't get me wrong, we read tons of books every day (those bold "I Read To My Child" bumper stickers are genuinely shocking to me...they might as well say "I Breathe The Air" or "I Eat Food" in my household), but in the car I'm looking for somebody to help me out.
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Have you considered recording yourself performing some of his favorites? Most computers are capable of this. Plus, what a treasure for him later!
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They Might Be Giants Podcast for Families, big hit with my (at the time) 5 year old nephew.
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Maybe Jim Dale's audiobooks of the Harry Potter series? It's a name you son's probably familiar with, Jim does a great job on the books - doing individual voices for all the characters, and you can probably check one out free from your local library.
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Blatant self-link, but there be free audiobooks by Daniel Pinkwater online.
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Seconding Graphic Audio and, in fact, I happen to know the voice of Superman. These are exactly what you are looking for although they might be a little violent for a four year old.

I must admit it is fun to ask my friend to say things in the voice of Superman.
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Response by poster: I took a look at Graphic Audio and I think the future/13-year-old version of my son will be way into them, but I think the stories are a bit too mature for my current audience. Thanks though, this is pretty much exactly what I asked for (even if it is not exactly what I'm looking for).
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Response by poster: A couple more have been tracked down: This site has lots of great old Power Records 45s digitized. See also this site called Power Records Plaza.
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