Please recommend some great gift ideas!
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What would be an excellent gift for a new mommy of twins..she also has a six year old and an eighteen monh old!

Needless to say, she has her hands quite full! She has everything she needs for the babies but I would really like to get her something just for her, within a reasonable price limit, such as great bath/body products, comfy stuff, anything that might relax someone who hardly ever gets a free moment to herself. I don't have kids myself so I'm pretty clueless about this kind of thing. Thanks in advance!
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A gift certificate for a massage and a facial--and offer to watch the kids while she's away.
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Gift card to zappos? For some reason I was dying for new sexy shoes after I had my son. But the massage and facial is a wonderful idea too.
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Were I in her situation, I'd... crawl under a rock and sob. Just kidding - congrats to your friend! I think the best gifts may be ones which will buy her a little TIME, which is soon to be the most precious commodity in her life. Gift certificates for pizza places (no dinner duty!), a single visit from a cleaning service (no kneeling to scrub grody toilets!), a little handmade voucher in which you volunteer to take the elder two kiddies to the park for an hour or two, etc.

Otherwise, I think a "Make Yourself Feel Vaguely Human Again" basket might be kind of cool - a nice natural-bristle hairbrush, pre-moistened "insta-facial" towlettes, tinted lip gloss, some of those Wisp disposo-toothbrushes... lil' things which may help her feel better about herself and won't require the time investment of a full shower-'n-makeup routine.
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A nanny!
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I wish I could baby sit, she lives out of town though. I willl be going to visit next weekend.
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Offer to babysit, even if it's just to come over and play with the kids while she takes a shower and gets a nap. I only had ONE, and if someone had done that for me I would have assigned them godhood :D
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been there done that (minus the 6 yo). cleaning service or anything that will provide food. Cooked meals for the freezer were gold. Careful about the babysitting as it's virtually impossible to wrangle time or energy to go out even if you do have the babysitter lined up. Diaper service, shopping service, laundry service, anything to buy time for sleep. The priorities are going to be basic: food, sleep, time. Things to occupy older children might also be really appreciated. Nothing with batteries or that makes electronic noise though! I can't say whether anything else would have even blipped my radar beyond those needs during that time of my life, however. I remember really appreciating the several hours per week volunteer from our local hospital who came and just gave me another non judgmental set of hands to do with me whatever I had to do.
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aww, that was kinda snarky Joakim! My cousin and her husband wanted a big family(and they are also able to afford it by the way) But I'm sure that's going to be all! :)

I guess I should have also added that she has a ton of family to help her out when her hubby is at work. I was just looking for gift ideas.
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nthing baby.sitting
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If you have the skills, knit a baby blanket.
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A big bottle of whiskey and a bottle of valium- if it doesn't fit her personality, then you could play it off as a joke- "hey, you're gonna need these with all the little feet pounding around you all day."

I did laugh at Joakim's answer. Even though it was a little snarky, it was still funny.
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iabide79: "aww, that was kinda snarky Joakim! My cousin and her husband wanted a big family(and they are also able to afford it by the way) But I'm sure that's going to be all! :) "

Sorry, couldn't resist. Got deleted, though, which I think was probably well deserved.
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Don't forget gifts and attention for the older children, who have seen all the love lavished on the twins.
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When I had my third, the best present I got was a the "New Mommy Real Survival Kit," which was a ridiculously cute Victoria's Secret sweatshirt and pants (I still had baby weight but it was nice to wear something new and pretty with an elastic waist), bath bombs, a ton of hairbands and ponytail holders, liquid lip/cheek blush (so I didn't look so exhausted all the time), glittery eyeliner (just made me feel sexy), copies of every tabloid magazine there is, and black mascara.

When my friend brought it over, she also watched all the kids while I relaxed and prettied myself up, but the best part was she then took the older two out to the park and for lunch (for about 4 hours), returning with a gigantic Italian sub sandwich and potato chips for me.

It was the best present ever.
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Definitely do not neglect the older kids. Twins are A) pretty darn special, and B) a lot of work requiring a lot of attention. The older kids can easily get lost in the shuffle. Doting on them, bringing them something special is a must-do!

As for the new mom, a basket with lotion, bubble bath, pretty hair clips and just things to make her feel NICE is a good idea. A pan of lasagna probably couldn't hurt either!

Congrats to them!!
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I liked getting cute matching sets for my multiples when they were born. And maybe shirts for big brother and big sister, too. Cafepress is especially good for this kind of thing.

(I don't personally buy my kids matching clothes, but I don't mind when other people do.)
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Give experiences, not stuff.
I vote dinner out, or lunch.
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