Famous visual arts bloggers?
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I'm looking for blogs written personally (at least in part) by eminent figures in the visual arts - artists, collectors, curators, museum directors, gallery owners. Preferably those who have been working continuously for some decades, since the 1960s or 70s for example. Any suggestions?

Or can you suggest how I could narrow my search? I'm looking for distinguished public figures who have had personal input into their own blogs, or blogs about them. A prominent film-maker or author will suffice, but it's primarily the visual arts I'm interested in. (They don't have to be famous FOR their blogging specifically, by the way.)

Thank you!
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I feel strongly compelled to give David Byrne's Journal a plug. He writes about all forms of art musical and visual. I always walk away after finishing one of his entries feeling like I've become just a little bit smarter.
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This is a sadly lacking thing on the web. It's sort of ridiculous how much the art world wants to keep itself off the Internet.

Sorry I can't help more, but basically if you hang out at Art Fag City, Greg.org, Artforum and Tom Moody's website, you'll find links to those few that do exist. I can think of all of one New York City gallery director who blogs and his written work isn't about visual art.
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Here are a few - you're right - there are too few out there.

Edward Winkleman's blog (art dealer)
artist Joanne Mattera's blog
Dawoud Bey's blog
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It's not quite what you're looking for, but at the museum where I work, a number of curators do regularly participate in our blog, and some of them are pretty eminent within their particular fields. (For example, here's a post from Stephanie Barron, who has curated an important series of groundbreaking 20th-century German art exhibitions over the past couple of decades).

But otherwise, yeah, I second RJ Reynolds -- it's generally lacking, esp. among the generation of artists/collectors/curators/etc. you're looking for.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes is another good visual arts blog and he occasionally links to artists who blog. Sounds like there's a good niche for someone to create a site/directory here.
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