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Recommendations for online games? Specific requests and requirements within.

When I have an hour or two free and I don't want to think about anything on my to-do list, I usually turn to the internet. Sometimes I like to play online games and completely zone out. I like word games (word twist, bookworm, scrabble) but I'm getting tired of them, and I also find that I don't lose myself in them.

Recently I played "Penguin Diner" (how embarrassing) and I loved it. I used to play "Shopping Street" (sort of like Sim City - building shops and making money) and I liked that too.

I think I tend to like games that are simple but require quick reactions. I get tired and bored of adventure/"endless" games. I think I prefer the games to have a goal, but my problem is I finish the game and have nothing to play.

My requirements would be, from most to least important:

- simple, easy to learn
- easy to lose yourself in
- online (prefer not to download)
- can play for an hour or two, can beat the game in a short time (i.e. not 16 hours of play)
- one player
- NOT on Facebook

Know of any silly games I might like? Alternately, know of any flash games sites that might work? The site where I found Penguin Diner has tons of games but you have to sift through a ton of games to find anything decent.

Thank you.
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I recently really enjoyed Castle Wars 2. Each game is different enough to maintain your interest, and the fact that there was strategy involved kept me interested as well. It also gets more challenging as you play the higher levels. I never could beat 'difficult,' so that kept me coming back.
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Best answer: Recently I've been playing Cover Orange. I really like it.
Cover Orange
Cover Orange 2
Cover Orange even more levels

Also, Blosics, and 2.

Actually, there are a lot of good games on that site, PhysicsGames.net.
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Nintendo 8 has Commador 64, NES, Gameboy, and Master System games online to play.

Since most of these games were made when you couldn't save, they're able to be beaten in one sitting.
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Best answer: Have you seen Ferry Halim's Morning Sunshine?
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Escapa. I will warn you, though, that it's a tough, tough game to tear yourself away from.
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Best answer: Additionally there is a long list here of online games:
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popcap.com I especially like Zuma (addictive!), Chuzzle and Tiptop.
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Plants vs. Zombies.
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I've seen some good logic games on hoodamath. They're generally geared towards kids, but there are several good ones that are mentally stimulating and challenging:

Factory Balls
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I like a lot of the stuff at Nitrome. They've got pretty good production values and occasionally do some truly innovative games - they've been posted here a number of times. They're all learn-as-you-go, so no tutorials to wade through.

I'm especially fond of Parasite, Frostbite, and Mutiny.
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Record Tripping - I just found this and am obsessed, it is seriously gorgeous.

Gimme Friction - I can play this forever. It's oddly calming.
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Bubblez sounds exactly like what you're looking for. Someone here recommended it a while ago and it's been my favorite ever since. (Belated thanks, whoever it was.)
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Nethack! It's.. uh.. simple. It's a puzzle game, for the keyboard. You just have to figure out how to play, along with this helpful guide. You generally don't finish so quickly, but since it's simple and turn based you can just close the window or walk away (or take the time to hit shift-s), and come back whenever to continue the session.

Consider learning wtf is going on the 'first phase' of the game, so to speak.
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Hm, I'm reluctant to self-link but if you look in my profile I made a Projects post about my website a while back - I review casual Facebook and web-based games. You might find something of interest. I've done fewer web games than Facebook games, but there are a dozen or so games reviewed.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions! I haven't had time to check them all out, but I will give them all a try.
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For online flash games, I enjoy the game Baseball from Miniclip. You try to hit balls from the pitcher at slow, medium and fast speeds. I think this could fit your requirements.
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Also, if you do play the baseball game, use the space bar after you hit the ball to transition after each pitch.
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