IQ, Working Memory, and ADHD
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I'm looking for information on the differences in distribution of IQ and working memory test scores between those diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and the general population. Ideally, I'd like to see histograms for each group.
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I took several abnormal psych and assessment / intelligence courses in graduate school and as I remember it there is no relationship between IQ and ADHD. If this is the case, as I think it is, then the histograms would look the same.

I can't confirm this with a quick Google search though. I have some materials at my office that might answer this question and I'll mefi mail you if I find anything that might be helpful.
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A lot of ADD sorts of people might still score well on these sorts of tests, because tests are special and interesting and limited time only kinds of things. Even if ADD stuff can be lumped in with "being forgetful," it's hard to measure that when you put it in a special format.
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