Need to view multiple pdf documents
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Has anyone ever gotten this error message when trying to open two .pdf documents (I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0)? "You can not use multiple instance of program at the same time."?

I've completely stumped our IT department and anyone else I've asked. My only workaround is to only view one .pdf document at a time and this is not going to work in the long term. I frequently need to be able to compare two .pdf documents. I uninstalled Acrobat 9.0 and reinstalled it and that didn't do anything. HELP!
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how many copies/versions of Adobe do you have loaded on your computer. Is one of the documents attempting to open in a different version than you already have running?
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I have seen that recently with an Adobe product, and it was not the adobe product itself complaining but it was the updater/installer program that was kicked off. Is it trying to do an update when you launch acrobat? If so, try to complete the update. I believe adobe updates are indicated by a white box-like icon in the system tray (bottom right corner of the screen).

On my computer, after finishing the update I didn't see that popup anymore.
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I don't have any other versions of Adobe Acrobat on my computer (at least, there are none listed in the Add/Remove Programs list). I do have Adobe Bridge and Adobe Illustrator and Adobe SVG Viewer. Can I get rid of the Bridge program or the SVG Viewer? Will removing either of those break Illustrator?
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Foxit Reader generally works well. Never had a problem opening multiple items.
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Update! Apparently, if I'm in the Acrobat program and do File / Open, I can open several pdf documents. I am still getting the error when I try to double click on a document to open it, then try to double click on another one to open it.
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Windows or Mac? If it's Windows, you might have a program running that's not pumping messages, blocking the file-open DDE broadcast and causing Explorer to try to launch another instance of Reader instead.
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