Mom & Dad; enjoy this play/art gallery/concert.
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I need help finding gift ideas for my parents' 36th anniversary. I want something cooler than the usual restaurant gift certificate. Maybe some type of event or show. The problem? They live across the country, and have very, very busy schedules.

Can you recommend any events or venues in the Los Angeles area that sell gift certificates that don't need to be redeemed on a specific date? My ideal budget is around $100, but feel free to suggest things over that if they are very cool. Also, if someone has a suggestion for a physical object that's cooler than an event, that'd be fine.
Some ideas that have been previously enjoyed by them: the Hollywood Bowl, the Pantages Theatre, movies, etc. I like the idea of a spa for Mom, but don't think Dad would go for it, so would like to focus on things they can enjoy together.
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Best answer: What about a museum membership? I don't know the museums in the LA area, but in many areas where I've lived, your price range would lead to a year's free admission for two, and invitations to special events, early viewings, etc.
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I've mentioned this before in previous threads, but my parents absolutely LOVED having a photo of their house (the house we grew up in) painted onto a canvas by an artist. We brought a photo of the house to a local artist, and she was able to get it done in about 2 weeks. It cost about $150, and although they no longer live in that house, they proudly display it at their new place.
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See if there are any chefs in the area (catering chefs specifically) who might do a home cooked meal—on your parents' schedule, of course—for that amount.
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Best answer: The LA Phil offers gift certificates for the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I saw Steve Martin here last year, sat way up in the nosebleeds, and still had a great time!
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Best answer: In my area, the local theater sells a flexible season pass. If there are 10 plays in the season, you get 10 tickets, but you can use them for any show, any date, any number of tickets for the same play (you can use all 10 for the same show, or you can use 2 each for 5 shows, or one for each of 10 shows). Once you know when you want to use them, you call to reserve your specific seats, but they are paid for out of your flex-pass.
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Response by poster: Oh man, I knew you guys would come through with some great suggestions. I have a couple days to decide, so please keep the ideas coming!
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Best answer: A membership to the Huntington Library and Gardens would be wonderful. It is such a relaxing place to get away when you're craving a little green space in LA. Plus they have great art museums and special music/cultural events for their members. One membership gets two adults in and usually it also comes with a couple of guest passes.
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