Montreal this weekend!?
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We're going to Montreal from tonight till Sunday, super last minute. What do we have to do when we're there?

Anyone awesome at the Jazz Festival? I know we just missed the Roots by a day, and Mos Def is coming just after go home.

We're staying about equidistant between Mount Royal and Old Montreal. Last time I was in Montreal it was me and my friends at age 18, drinking legally for the first time. Now I'm 28 and going with my fiancee. What bars, restaurants, romantic spots, concerts, exhibits, Canada Day activities, separatist protests MUST we see?
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Haven't been to Montreal in about a decade myself (considering going for a week in August though).

Anyways, since its summer I assume tam tams will be on, that Sunday afternoon hand-drum get-together in the park.
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also, here's a link to the Montreal Couchsurfing group
( not sure if you have to be a member to see that, but its worth signing up for just to find things to do and people to do it with)
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Piknic Electronik is every Sunday in summer at Parc Jean Drapeau.
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It's summer-- don't a miss a walk in Montreal's amazing botanical garden.
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Go see the fireworks on Saturday night on the bridge. (Metro to Papineau, follow the huge loads of people walking there. Bridge opens for pedestrians at 8, fireworks are at 10.)
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Seconding Piknic Electronik - worth it even if you aren't super into electronic music.

Go to Lemeac after 10pm for their awesome late night menu, and absolutely positively leave room for the otherworldly pain perdu (second picture on the left).

On your way there, stop off at Buvette Chez Simone for a glass or two of wine.

And, of course, have some bagels.
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Do you like pastrami? My Montreal expat buddy swears Schwartz's is the best in the world.
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Gourmet Poutine
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Marché Jean-Talon is awesome -- great for getting foodie Quebecois souvenirs (edible, drinkable).
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Re: the fireworks, do the Montreal police enforce open container laws on the bridge?
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smoked meat sandwiches
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All in your neighbourhood (where I used to live): Bagels and cream cheese at St. Viateur bagel on Mount Royal. Eat on a terasse restaurant on Prince Arthur (Just east of St. Laurent, above Sherbrooke, below des Pins). Pick whatever looks good to you. In the past I've enjoyed Mazerka's and we enjoyed Mexican a few weeks ago. Window (or real) shop along St. Denis and have a coffee (Sherbrooke to Mount Royal). Fondumentale was a great fondue restaurant on that street, but I haven't been there in years. Buy wonderful cheese and cured meats at La Vieille Europe, a deli on St. Laurent a block or so just below Schwartz. Shopping, walking along Ste. Catherine West of say St. Denis. Musee des beaux arts is good. Seconding Schwartz for smoked meat, Jean Talon Market. Old Montreal is nice if you like that. Sorry, I just realized to mention that 'below' in that neighbourhood is south, and 'above' is north.
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Fantastic ideas, thanks everyone! We'll definitely be checking out Piknik Electronique, and I hope we can get to all these restaurants in 3 days.
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I will politely disagree with kch regarding the terrasse restaurants on Prince Arthur. They're great on atmosphere, but the food is generally not very good, especially by Montreal standards. If having a great Montreal meal is important to you, try one of the places mentioned in this thread, especially:

- Au Cinqueme Peche, a lovely romantic little spot on Mont Royal.
- Laloux, a classic Montreal bistro.
- La Colombe, a great BYO on Duluth.
- L P'tit Plateau, another romantic little bistro in the heart of the Plateau.

Have fun!
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fair enough googly. Great on atmosphere, and we did enjoy good but not fantastic Mexican several weeks ago. Beyond that I haven't eaten at them in a long time. Still, the atmosphere rocked, and for me that took the cake. ymmv.
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See if you can get one of the last tickets to Totem, Cirque's latest touring show down in the old port. (Full disclosure, I work for Cirque). It's worth the moula, and there are few bad seats in a tent show.
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