Personal recommendation for alterations in the DC-NoVA area?
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I'm looking for someone you know and trust to do dress/costume (but not wedding) alterations in the NoVA-DC area.

I have a new and fairly expensive (to me anyway) dress that I need to have taken in a bit, probably just some bust darts. If that goes well, I have some custom OOAK pieces with great sentimental value that I'd also like to have taken in.

I've had bad luck with dry cleaners that do alterations, and I know that attaching the word "wedding" to anything doubles the price. Ideally I could find someone who works in one of the local theaters who is a costume alterations whiz and does work on the side, but asking around my theater contacts hasn't turned anything up. Please hope me before I have to turn to Yelp!
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You're right that attaching the word "wedding" to anything doubles the price; however, for this kind of thing, it is the dress, not the tailor, to whom the word wedding would be attached. So, you needn't worry about using a tailor who advertises that she does wedding alterations: you don't have a wedding dress, so she wouldn't charge you wedding prices.
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Best answer: My wife and I have extensive personal experience with the work of Cheryl Lofton, who is simply outstanding.

(Since you mentioned it, she is also extremely highly-rated on Yelp!, but we discovered her before her Yelp! fame, and can testify that the reviews match reality.)
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Response by poster: Thanks! I called Cheryl's shop and it sounds like they can do it for about $25. I'm going to bring the dress by next week and I'll report on the results.
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Response by poster: I had to go back twice to get fitted, and it was a bit more money than I thought it would be ($45, the $25 price quoted was based on an unlined dress) but I was very happy with the end result. I might not go to them for something like a simple hem, but I would certainly trust them with anything requiring very skillful tailoring.
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