Help me decruft Google News
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How do I undo all the changes to Google News?

Google has just completely redesigned their "news" aggregator page, and added a whole lot of cruft that I don't want. Is it possible to eliminate the entire right-half of the new page, and go back to having the things I am interested in back in two columns, like before?

Is it possible to simply go back to the old format? If so, how?
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Best answer: You can't.

Join us who mourn the loss of the 4-column iGoogle layout. Hope that someone releases a Greasemonkey or Stylish that does it.
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Agh, I hate it too. Google has a survey link where you can bitterly complain, as I just did.
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I feel your pain.

I was part of the limited beta rollout of this monstrosity, and to get rid of it I just had to delete cookies. Imagine my joy and happiness to discover they went ahead and rolled it out again this time permanently.

If it helps, the beta was ten times worse than what they have inflicted on us this time. Which isn't saying very much.
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Response by poster: Well, that's a damned shame. Seems like I'm going to have to find a different news aggregator site to visit daily.
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Response by poster: It looks like Bing's equivalent is a lot less obnoxious.
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The only thing you can do is switch editions -- Canada edition for example doesn't have the new layout. But thats probably not permanent, and (unless you're Canadian) gives you less relevant info. Personally I like the new layout, but it is certainly... controversial.
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Join the folks over at Google forums where people are complaining.
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Looks like they listened. There's a new "Two Column" layout under "View As:" (in the personalization bar that shows up under Top Stories).

Removing the right column then gets things back to pretty much what they were. I just made a simple style that can be used in Stylish in Firefox (there are similar extensions in other browsers, I think) to accomplish that. Goodbye cruft!
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