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Is it safe and legal to purchase my prescription drugs from Canada via an online service?

I have seen this question, but I'm guessing it's seriously outdated.

I'm one of those people with no health insurance and some pricey prescriptions, specifically Venlafaxine XR at 300 mg per day and Seroquel at 25 mg per day. The cost has always been ridiculous (~ $550 per month), but my recent decision to push for full self-employment, rather than waiting for the elusive job with benefits, has brought the issue to a crux.

I am looking at my state's high-risk pool insurance, which I've been on before, but there's a new six month pre-existing condition exclusion that will nullify its benefit to me for some time.

I'm also aware that drug companies do offer some free drugs, and I'm not against seeking that out (again), but my previous experience indicates that the program requirements may not work for my current situation.

So (the question), can I legally purchase my drugs from Canada? Are there reputable companies or services? Google shows lots of options, but have any of you done this successfully (or unsuccessfully)? Do you have a recommendation or warning about any of the sites?
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Best answer: The information here has been fact-checked and is accurate.

To summarize: It's safe if it's a licensed pharmacy. It is not legal (against federal law to import prescription drugs). However, there is a federal policy not to enforce prosecutions for importing a three month or less supply of drugs. It's similar to the feds' no prosecution policy for medical marijuana users.
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I have .... er, someone I know well has done this several times in the past, and has always had good results.

YMMV; caveat emptor, etc.
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