Where can I buy a buzz sticker?
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Obscure stickerfilter: Looking for "Buzz" sticker. Last seen in the late 90's.

I'm looking for a specific sticker I last saw in the late 90s. It was round, 3-4" (maybe bigger..6"?) in diameter and had a cartoon bee face in the center with the word "Buzz" following the bottom curve. The bee was stylized in a way that makes me think of vintage advertisements. There were shirts as well, but I would really love to find the sticker. I've already done a google image search and came up with nothing.
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I'm wondering if you are looking for a sticker related to Buzz, which was a weekly techno party in the DC area. The Buzzlife board still has some activity so maybe someone there can assist?
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Thanks for the lead. I dug around the forums, but that's not the source. I knew it was a long shot...
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Did you ever find this? I just came across one that used to be in my office. I'd be happy to mail it to you. I'll send you a MeMail too.
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I tossed a picture up on flickr.
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Oh holy crap, advicepig. That is the one. Thanks so much!!
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