Where is my cat?
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Where is my cat?

He disappeared once before. I had let him out early in the morning after I fed him and his brother. After two or three days of doing everything the internet says to do to find a lost cat, we left his window open at night and closed the door in that room so his brother couldn't get out and missing cat showed up about 3am. Meow let me into the house. He didn't look dirty or hungry or beat up or anything. The wife and I rejoice. We thought it was either the raccoon that took up residence under the neighbor's house or the garbage trucks that scared him into hiding.

As of this morning he's gone again. The raccoon has been captured and it's not garbage day.

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This post was deleted for the following reason: I'm sorry he's missing and hope he comes back soon, but there's not really a question here that askme can answer for you. -- cortex

As it's written right now, this isn't really an answerable question.
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Maybe I'm just being obtuse, but I don't understand how we could possibly know where your cat is. Hope he's okay!
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He's off having cat-style fun, probably. Sitting in a neighbor's yard? Patrolling his territory? Quietly perched somewhere in your own yard and refusing to answer your calls? It's hard to say.

You can choose to keep him as an indoor cat from now on. Or you can make sure he's fixed, collared, chipped and dosed with flea & tick medicine, and let him out knowing that one day he might never come back. It's a hard balance to strike with cats. I had two male cats who loved to roam. One did it successfully for 16 years. The other got killed by a coyote 100 feet from our house at 10 o'clock in the morning. Now I'm happy with two female cats who are pleased to sit one foot outside the back door and then come in.
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are you sure he's actually gone? i had a cat that could hide in the house. i swear she was magic because it was a one bedroom apartment with a pretty open floor plan - but she'd "disappear" for days at a time and then just saunter into the living room as if nothing happened.
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This will really turn into a indoor/outdoor cat debate. This question, as mentioned, can't be answered.
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Are you sure you did everything the internet says to do to find a lost cat?
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He came back after two or three days last time, so maybe try not to panic too much until some time is passed? Outside can be a very dangerous place for kitters.

By the by, is he fixed? A past roommate's cat used to run off for a few days and come back with chunks of his ears missing, until she got him neutered. It's socially responsible -and- sorta cuts down on wanderlust.
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Okay, you just wanted to show off pictures of your cute cat, didn't you? He's probably hanging out with a neighbor who keeps an open window and a friendly lap.
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He is fixed
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