Why is a single website not appearing for me?
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So, a website that I need to view is just not showing up on any of my browsers. I know for a fact that it's not down.

Trying to view other98.com for an academic project - and it's a site that I know for a fact is up for the rest of the internet. I can also, using anonymous browsing services, see it just fine.

I'm a little bit network-illiterate, but at friends' suggestions, I have (I think successfully) engaged in:

Flushing the DNS. No better.
Pinging the website. I got "ping: sendto: No route to host" - no better.
Checked out the Proxies tab in Network, as per this blast from the past - no better.

I'm using a macbook that I've had for about two years, and this is showing up on every browser I have, regardless of the wifi network.

To be honest, I'm kind of desperate at this point - it's REALLY important that I figure this out, and it doesn't seem to be a DNS-change - it's been almost a week and no better.

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Try these commands:

host www.other98.com
traceroute -n www.other98.com
netstat -rn

These will give some routing and DNS information to help narrow it down.
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- Try using another DNS server for your connection, in your LAN settings, WLAN settings, or router settings. Google has a free one.
- Check the Mac equivalent of the hosts.etc file, which has static routes. If it has an entry for said domain, remove it.
- Use the IP instead of the domain. Get the IP from a internet ping service and try to access http://ip.ad.re.ss , maybe even http://ip.ad.re.ss:80 . Also try the IPv6 equivalent if available.
- Disable your firewall (at some risk of course), to check whether it's blocking access. Any other software that might block it? Antispam? Intrusion detection? Malware checks?

...more options are available.
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What message do you get when you try to visit the site? Have you tried using an IP anonymiser in your browser? If something like HideMyIP lets you see the site you're probably being blocked by their firewall
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That "no route to host" error makes me think that the host is mis-resolving to something unexpected.

Run "nslookup other98.com". What does it return? Here, it returns

If you get something else, you could try:
* Changing DNS servers. Perhaps use (easy to remember google dns server) and try again.

If you get the same IP address, then there's a problem somewhere in your connection, in which case:
* traceroute other98.com

If you could also quote the exact error message being returned in your browser, that may have additional hints as to where the problem lies.
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When I visit the site with Safari, I get:
Safari can’t open the page “http://www.other98.com/” because Safari can’t connect to the server “www.other98.com”. Trying HideMyIP now, will get back to you.

Everyone else:
Will try out the suggestions here and get back very shortly, thank you so much for this help.
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I had a similar problem last year, and the trouble was caused by PeerGuardian. Do you have PeerGuardian installed?
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The site is being hosted on a virtualized server at Are you able to see the ISP place holder page? If so the issue is probably a DNS one. If not it might be a firewall issue (theirs or yours) or an ISP filtering issue if the WiFi spots you've tried are all using the same ISP.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.
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Tried HideMyIP, still getting the same results - thanks for the tip, I imagine this might help narrow it down.
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A few days ago, Verizon was having some issue where large IP blocks couldn't access sites at MediaTemple. I couldn't get a straight answer from MediaTemple about why Verizon's routes couldn't access their servers, so I can't give useful info there. But it might be something where you need to contact your ISP and explain it to their tech support.
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You may have luck using an anonymous web proxy to provide a different route.
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So, this is weird.

I restarted my computer, trying to see if HideMyIP would maybe work differently than the initial test. Before I even tried HMIP, I gave the internets a try just to see what would happen - and the following occurred:
1. Other98.com was loading, albeit *extremely* slowly.
2. The entire internet was loading *very* slowly.

I restarted, same deal, except I was getting this HideMyIP "what to do if you get this page" message on several, seemingly random test URLs. (The advice given on the HMIP page related to if you were using internet explorer or firefox - I'm using neither, as my firefox has been acting up a bit lately, which is another Oprah.)

Took the subway to a reliable wifi connection nearby. (I had been using the campus wifi.) And the internet as a whole is working a-okay, and Other98.com is maybe a tad sluggish, but definitely loading, which is an enormous improvement over the last week, where it wasn't working anywhere.

So, I want to say:

1. Thank you for getting me to this point, wherever it is, and
2. I'm a little afraid that I'm going to get home and find the internet exploding.

Let's see if it continues - and thanks again.
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