Help me find a plant stand
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Where can I find an inexpensive, simple indoor plant stand/flower pot holder?

I have been to several garden centers, Walmart, and Meijer in person and checked Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, Ace Hardware, Craigslist, and online. I want something simple and several feet tall that will hold a 9' pot sort of like this (that is, it will cradle the pot to some degree rather than having the pot rest on a surface), but I don't need anything intricate (or shaped like a spider). I would prefer to not get a table as I have a rowdy dog who will probably bump it at some point. Any ideas?
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Kirkland's tends to have things like this in their stores, although I didn't see anything on the website.
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This seems to be the kind of thing that would be at HomeGoods or The Christmas Tree Shops or another place that sells discounted housewares - you won't find it on your first trip, but if you keep checking, one might show up.
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Is it for inside or outside?
If it's going to be indoors, consider building a shelf and just cut a hole in it. A piece of 1x12 and some shelving brackets should be fairly cheap. If you don't own a jigsaw you probably know someone who does, or, many smaller hardware stores will rent out power tools.
Keep in mind that if you want to have the pot "hanging" indoors you'll need a pot that either doesn't have a drain hole, or has the saucer attached to the pot.
If it's outside the house, or you just really want a stand and not a shelf, I don't know of a super cheap option. All my plant stands are under a foot tall and my dogs still knock them over constantly. The only thing they don't mess up is a large tiered plant stand.
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I don't know if there is a Tuesday Morning around you, but there was a ton of plant stands in the one in Pittsburgh about two weeks ago for around $15.
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