Returning a game to Gamestop as defective for a full refund?
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On June 26 I purchased the video game Puzzle Quest 2 from Gamestop. While playing it thus far, I've experienced three rather substantial bugs: these two, and this one, the last of which has utterly destroyed my enjoyment of the game. I still have the receipt and everything that came with the game in 'played but otherwise perfect' condition, and I want a refund.

Gamestop provides a system for exchange with a second copy of the same product in the case of scratched/broken discs, but given that I expect to find these bugs in all copies of the game currently on the market the only remedy I'd be interested in would be a refund or store credit for the entire purchase price. Gamestop's return policies do not seem to allow that remedy for opened merchandise, but being in Massachusetts I believe there's such a thing as an "implied warranty" that cannot be disclaimed, and would force Gamestop to rescind the purchase... although I may need to go to small claims court to see it enforced.

Does anyone here have any experience in getting a refund from Gamestop under similar circumstances, or advice on how to do it? I'd consult with a lawyer, but not for a thirty-dollar dispute.
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My partner and kids buy games from GameStop all the time, and have never had any trouble returning defective games or exchanging them, even for a different game. Things may be different at your local branch, but for them it's always been no big deal at all. You might be over-thinking this.
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If you purchased it on a credit card, especially American Express, you should (assuming you try to return it to the store and it doesn't work out for you) should go about getting refunded through them.
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The people at our local GameStop have always told me that I can bring the game back as an exchange, even (perhaps especially?) if the only problem with it is that it sucks. Go in and talk to the guy at the counter, preferably sometime when it's not busy. I bet they'll be happy to exchange it for another game, especially since you've only had it for three days.

A refund will probably be more difficult than an exchange. You might be able to talk them into refunding you via gift card, though, and then you can swap or sell the gift card.
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You may be able to solve this by speaking with a manager, or asking that manager to speak with their manager. There's a point where it is just easier to capitulate to your demands than have a customer talking to someone Important.

...and you should totally trade it for Clash of Heroes.
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I've bought games at GameStop and they told me that with a receipt, they'd refund any purchase for any reason within ten days of the original sale.

Worth a try?
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another vote for gamestop having a "suck policy" - i know it's there for used games, and i bet if you're polite and firm you'll get an exchange or refund for this.
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I work at the corporate offices and can confirm our policy is to give a store credit or same-item exchange for defective returns. I can also confirm, however, that our store associates don't always follow policy.

Confessor, if you PM me, I can contact the store directly to make them aware of the issue and avoid you having any hassle.
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The employee working the counter at Gamestop (he was the only one there, so I assume him to be a manager) accepted the return at full value, including the tax I'd paid on it, for store credit which I immediately placed on the upcoming release Crackdown 2. While I am very pleased with the outcome, I wish that the stated return policy better reflected the reality of things. If it had, there would have been no need of this question.
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businesses have stated policies that protect them in the case of people abusing the system and allows them to disallow returns on things like PC games (which are easily pirated) - you'll find that most retail places have a more lax attitude about returns when it comes to customer satisfaction. i consider this a feature, not a bug.
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Late to the party, but I returned a copy of Tomb Raider Legend because it glitched half way through (360). They gave me a credit, no hassle. That was EB Games in Toronto. Same company I believe.
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