Advice for a Visit of new york by a french geek ?
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Advice for a Visit of new york by a french geek ?

Hello, i am going to new york for a week the 8th jully, could you please give me some tip to what to see and watch for me ?

I've pick up some advice from precedent post but none for geek.

I'am a geek (computer one) and i also like comics, manga and pop rock.

I'am planning to visit ellis island,the statue of liberty, the nintendo center, the fat cat jazz club, the tea cafe of moby, ground zero, empire state building, the MOMA, and Midtown Comics.

If you have some tips.

Regards Bussiere
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Check out Forbidden Planet (comics, toys) and Toy Tokyo (designer vinyl toys), and 826 NYC (a superhero supply store)
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If you like manga you should check out Kinokuniya in Bryant Park (for the spectacle) and Book Off (for the insane deals!).
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Previously. You may find interesting places to visit/activities to do in that thread. Have fun.
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Kinokuniya Bookstore on Bryant Park.

Forbidden Plant is better than Midtown Comics, IMHO.

You should check out St. Mark's Street in Manhattan for a wide variety of interesting shops and Japanese restaurants.

I also recommend the The New Museum on The Bowery and the music shop Other Music.
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I've been trying to brush up on this, so let's watch me mangle some French --

Je crois que vous aimeriez un magasin qui s’appelle "Kid Robot". C’est pres de le magasin d’Apple en le quartier SoHo. Mon ami est un petit-chef des cette operation, et ils ont une sélection de jouets uniques, qui sont conçus par des artistes de de bandes dessinées et les créateurs de mode, et cetera. Et des vetements aussi.
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Personally, I prefer Hanley's for comics. Their indie/small press section is yet to be beat. Bonus points because it's right near the ESB.

Also, there's a meetup on the 10th in Coney Island.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the advices & tips

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826 NYC (a superhero supply store) is charming and geeky, but do be aware it's in Brooklyn, not Manhattan, and keeps relatively short hours. Google Maps link.
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Obvious to us here, but since it's not available in Europe (outside the UK), it's worth noting that is a good place to find sortable reviews of U.S. cities. You can also look up the address of where you're staying and then pull up a map of nearby locations, with highlighted restaurants, stores, etc. So if you pull up "Kid Robot" on Yelp NYC, you'll get a list of similar places that other users were interested in (Forbidden Planet, Hanley's, etc.)

Yelp isn't perfect, but I use it a lot while traveling, and wished I had Yelp or an EU equivalent while in the Netherlands & Belgium in May.

Also, I would go to the Museum of Natural History - I love them all, but New York's is the only one that compares with the Smithsonian in DC for me.
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