I can has Lao home?
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Can you help find a kitten a home, in Laos? Pics and tl;dr story included

Pics (#3 contains scruffy human):
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A week ago in Vientiane my girlfriend and I walked across probably the most pathetic and near-death kitten we've seen yet in SE Asia. She was laying in a gutter in the sun, barely moving, and refused the food we offered her

We hastily decided to Make a Difference® and scooted the kitten into our bag, into our room, and over the last 10 days (and a couple journeys) nursed her back to her current scrawny but basically healthy self. She's extremely people-friendly and cuddly with both of us. We think she was probably an abandoned pet

Unfortunately we had very little in the way of a plan when we originally scooped her up. We're just traveling through Laos and neither of us can keep a Laotian kitten who has more energy by the day, but doesn't exactly seem street-savvy

We've been doing the banana pancake trail around SE Asia for a few months, and are just about at the end. My girlfriend is flying home in a little over a week, and I have to be in Bangkok shortly thereafter for [money stuff]

If you know anyone in Laos (preferentially Luang Prabang, Veng Vieng or Vientienne, but we can probably make it elsewhere if needed - we're in LP now) who would take in an adorable little kitten, please post or mefi mail me

Internet (and electricity) isn't great here, but I'll do my best to answers questions in the thread

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