I've got a problem with gas...
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How much does it cost to have gas central heating installed? (UK)

I know the answer to this is as long as a piece of string, and as complicated as any piece of string I've tried to store 'neatly', but...

I went and looked at a house yesterday (to buy). It's pretty much what I want, but it was built before gas was brought into the village, so it has economy7 style heaters.

I know that it will cost about £1500 to bring the gas in from the road, but the next bit is a complete unknown to me.

Can anyone give me a rough ballpark figure for sticking in a gas boiler and then running radiators throughout a 4 bed place (and putting the hot water on it too)?

I know the answers are probably going to vary by a factor of 2 or 3, but I'm really just after an order of magnitude kind of figure to calm my nerves or rule the place out.
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I had a boiler replaced last year and it cost me about 2 grand. I think you're probably looking at at least 6 grand for the radiators and running the pipes throughout the house. British Gas are not the cheapest option out there - they'll probably want at least £10,000.
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I was going to say £6k - £10k depending on the number of rooms and who does it.
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Response by poster: Cool. £5-10k sounds fine seeing as how everyone is suggesting that 5-10k is bartering territory for a house anyway.

Cheers guys.
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I agree with the rough estimates above. I would also spring the extra for someone who'll install the pipes sensitively - for example, prising the floorboards up carefully rather than, say, just making chopping out enormous squares of floor with, oh I don't know, a circular saw as happened to me.
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You can go to the Is This Quote Fair board on Moneysavingexpert and ask your question and I bet you'll get a lot more responses.
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