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Where to go for nice men's clothing in Montreal?

I plan on heading to Montreal soon to look for some clothes. Not looking for H&M or Banana Republic or anything I can find here (Ottawa). Any smaller boutiques that aren't insanely cost-prohibitive would be great.

I'm looking for great blazers, ties, shirts, pants, but not suits. I'm good for suits. I wear a suit at work and am looking for clothing for all other times. Any thoughts?
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Tiger of Sweden might be up your alley.

They have a store (the only one in Canada, I believe) at Maisonneuve and Peel. Their clothes aren't cheap, but they are excellent - similar to BR and H&M but a large step up in style and quality.

I would spend all of my money there if I could.
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Also, if you're near the Plateau, Factorie might be worth a look. They're more casual, but they have cool pieces, and the owner will usually haggle and give you a discount.

Nearby, there are other boutiques along Mont-Royal and also St. Laurent.
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You might like Simons, on Sainte-Catherine corner Metcalfe. They have a pretty good selection of clothing for men, including a good house brand (Le trente et un).

Otherwise, there's Boutique Mens on De Maisonneuve and Stanley, more expensive stuff but a really good selection. Les Cours Mont-Royal (at Peel metro) are also a good place to shop, with a few smaller stores that carry local brands.

If you want more unique Montreal-type, check out local designer Philippe Dubuc (his store is at 4451 Rue Saint Denis). There's some interesting nice-casual stuff there, and not too expensive for a local designer.
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(should read -- "more unique Montreal-type clothes.
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Seconding Simons, it's exactly what you're looking for. Also take a walk one block west to les Cours Mont-Royal, it has Club Monaco, Matinnique and merchants along those lines. It might be hard to find for those not familiar to the area, it's behind the American Eagle and Roots.
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