Where can I find the most comfortable nose pads for my glasses?
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Where can I find the most comfortable nose pads for my glasses?

All my life I have always hated nose pads or nose pieces on glasses. More so now that I have to wear them pretty much 24/7 now that I'm short sighted. Obviously I could go down the route of contact lenses but I prefer the fact I can just pop glasses on, and they also act as a protector from dust and debris. I should mention also that I do have a pair of glasses that don't have nose pads and are more like sun glasses which rest on the arc of your nose rather than the bridge. These are comfortable but sit quite low on my nose.

So my question is what nose pads should I replace my current nose pads with? Are there any that are renowned for their comfort? Where should my glasses rest on my nose for the most comfort?

If I could design a pair of glasses I would design them in such a way that they don't ever touch your nose. I'm sure this can't be too impossible. Anyway that's another topic..

Thanks for your input.
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I can't speak to the comfort of different types of nose pads, but I do want to mention that placing glasses in different places on your nose will actually change the prescription so you may want to try out where they sit so you can actually see the best, and then address comfort at that particulat place on your nose.

If I were you, I would visit one of those walk-in optometry places -- this is the kind of thing they're trained to do and they will usually do it free of charge, aside from any nose pads you end up buying. You probably will even be able to try out different pads in the store to find what's best for you rather than having to rely on someone else's opinion of what would work best.
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It's really an individual thing. There's no sure-fire "most comfortable" kind of nose pad, but most optometrists' offices will be happy to help you find the perfect ones for you. Also, sometimes it's not the nosepad itself that's causing the problem. It could be a simple matter of adjusting the angle and fit.

When I worked as an optometrist's assistant, we kept a whole drawer full of every kind of nose pad available, and we regularly switched out people's pads for free. Try going to your optometrist's office and having the staff take a look at how your glasses are sitting on your nose and any pressure points/indents they're causing, and see what they recommend.
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It's more a matter of adjustment, as noted above. I've been wearing glasses for 45 years, and I have permanent dents in my nose. The pads should rest where you are most comfortable while still allowing the glasses to work correctly.
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Thanks for everyone's feedback. I will take on board your advice and visit my optometrist to see if they can suggest anything.

Many thanks.
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