Trains from Berlin to avoid Ryanair?
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I loathe Ryanair. I need to get back to London from Berlin next Friday, and I don't want to fly Ryanair, but all the flights on other airlines are hideously expensive. Before I succumb, I was thinking about catching a fast train from Berlin to somewhere in Germany not too far away with an airport, then catching a flight to London from there. Any suggestions on airports within two hours of Berlin on the fast train that have regular flights to London?
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You can fly with Easyjet from Hamburg or Dusseldorf. It's much cheaper.
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A lot of the airports you look at will have Air Berlin flights. If you mean the 9th July, there is a €67 flight from Hanover that day.

It's worth having a poke round the site anyway - they're normally pretty cheap.
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(maybe you can take a train to Paris, and then the Eurostar ?)
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Maybe just train all the way..?

(If not then the part-train options are there.)
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Easyjet from Schönefeld to Luton is 48 euros at the mo if you mean 2nd July?
and the coach(!) is 46 euros (pure misery but it's doable)
doubt you'll find train plus plane for any cheaper than that, unless you have all kinds of student discounts?
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Or how about ... germanwings Berlin-Schonefeld to London-Stansted? One way, July 9, 129.00. (Or 59.99 from Hannover.)
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