Brush shaving soap recommendations
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Shaving cream recommendations for my dad - badger brush & not too smelly

The drugstore stopped carrying my dad's 'favorite' brand of shaving soap. It was his favorite because it "smelled like soap" and he's super sensitive to perfumes so anything too smelly will cause him to start hacking.

He uses a badger brush so soap/cream that worked with a brush would be preferred but if you have something you like he's had success in the past with drying out cream soap to use with a brush.

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When I moved to Canada from England, I despaired at the horrible range of old fashioned shaving creams and soaps that you lot seem to be stuck with. My absolute *by far* favourite for shaving is the King of Shaves gel series. I prefer the un-perfumed blue version as linked and you need very, very little (like toothpaste sized quantities) so it lasts a ridiculous amount of time and is by far the easiest and fastest shaving experience by some margin.

I haven't had great success getting it conveniently in the US, although it is readily available at any CVS and the like in the States, but I think it is not impossible to get. I don't know, though, because I am still not through the three bottles I bought in Charlotte in 2008...

Admittedly, I shave as little as possible, though, so my low usage is extreme, but you really do need hardly any to lubricate a shave with even a half decent razor - even for up to a week's growth (after that it gets painful and you have to trim it first, but I think that's a razor limitation, frankly). I truly don't understand why it isn't available everywhere and market leading this side of the pond.

It hardly smells at all and is unlikely to start a coughing fit. I'm pretty sure I have seen it sold here (maybe even Loblaws) but it's been so long since I bought it I'm not sure.
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Any idea what his favorite brand was? Most soaps can be ordered online somewhere.
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If he shaves with a brush then what you're after is something from Taylor of Old Bold Street. They do fantastic quality shaving stuff which smells damn like man soap. I think it was the making of me. If you're worried about any smell at all then I think the one for sensitive skin has got the least smell to it.
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I'm not a fan of heavy perfumes either, but I don't think I'm as sensitive as your dad so perhaps my preference would be too much for him. That said, I highly recommend Geo. F. Trumper and I've had great success with their sandalwood range.

Three times as expensive as Brockles's suggestion, yes, but it's long-lasting and you can buy refills for £10 (+ shipping!) once you have the handsome wooden bowl, which is perfect for brush shaving.

On preview, Taylor is another good high end Jermyn Street option, but I'll only go there if Trumper's doesn't have what I'm looking for.
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I've used soap from the drugstore (Walgreens), and that was Williams. And it smelled like soap. My current favorite soap is from an ebay store. They have a lot of scents, maybe one is "soap" (can't check at work).
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I came in to suggest Tabac shave soap. The smell isn't overpowering and it lathers like a dream.
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Here in Seoul, I've only been able to find one type of shaving soap, the Cade Shaving Soap from L'Occitane. It's a little pricy at $10 each, but it lasts easily four or five times as long as some other shaving soaps I've used (I'm looking at you, Col. Conk). Very clean smelling soap, not too fragrant.
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Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap is what you're looking for. It's on the pricey side but it doesn't smell perfumey at all. It smells like soap.

My personal favorite is the Tabac also but it has a decidedly tobacco scent which you'll either love or hate.
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Try Nancy Boy shaving cream, signature scent is very nice. Also, Prorazo cream is excellent and available on Amazon. It's worth looking at Amazon, there are a bunch of shaving supplies on there.
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I have used L'Occitane and like it a lot, but recently I have discovered Truefitt & Hill which I think I like even more.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I have choice!
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I use the Kiss My Face unscented cream. It's a cream rather than a soap, but it makes a fantastic lather with a brush, and no perfumes or dyes. You should be able to find it at any Whole Foods. It makes a fantastic lather, and no funny smells.
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Proraso in the tub has that classic old timey barber's shop soap smell and is cheap as chips.
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Check out the Badger and Blade for expert reviews.
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