Where to post my rental in NY?
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What are some good places in NY to post my apartment for rent?

My wife and I are looking for (sorta) like-minded people, and the well-beaten path of Craigslist just doesn't deliver anymore. We're looking for interesting people, maybe a little unusual or – as much as I hesitate to use this word – arty. Perhaps it's better stated that we're looking to stay off the beaten path. We've been using the Nonsense list and Stephanie Diamond's and have gotten good responses, but want to spread the word a little more. Thanks.
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Airbnb.com is what you're looking for. It was founded by a couple of RISD undergrads, was then given venture capital by YCombinator, and gets a lot of traffic now.
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Hi - just clarifying are you looking to find a housemate to share with you and your wife? Or someone to sublet your whole apartment?

Airbnb is great but I think it's used more for short term subletting (both of a room or of whole place).
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Response by poster: Yeah, sorry, it's my wife and I looking for a housemate, on the top floor of our house.
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How about the old fashioned method... fliers at a local cafe where like minded people tend to hang out.
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Response by poster: Yeah, we did a little bit of that, boba.
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Local blogs.
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Email friends with something short/condensed to pass on... post on Facebook Marketplace (I think that still exists).

Do you participate in any activities/communities that have newsletters or email lists?
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