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Can anyone recommend a good periodontist in the Boston Metro area?

I have had a few years of perio problems. Nothing horrible, but I am obsessed with my teeth. Since moving to the area I have been seeing a periodontist but he doesn't seem to take it seriously enough. I can see I am having more recession but he hasn't done a scaling or really anything other than cleanings. My old perio guy did the scaling and the guy before that put me on some medication - now nothing.

So I am looking for someone who is better. Especially anyone who can do nice looking grafts, I know there are some new techniques including tissue regrowth with a lattice as well as some laser scaling options. Anyone who does those is a huge option.
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Hi there,

You might check out Dr. Thomas Howieson. He seems to be very highly rated.

386 Washington St
Wellesley MA 02481
(781) 235-6710
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I *heart* my dentist. I hadn't been to a dentist in a few years and had several cavities. He did a spectacular job. I love by twice yearly visits:

Dr. Paul Duffel, DMD
456 Newtonville Avenue
Newtonville, MA 02460
Phone: 617-244-4133
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From what I understand, the dental school at Boston University is pretty highly regarded - I'd give them a call. Good luck!
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Dr. Murad Padamsee in Wellesley was my dentist of choice until I moved to Rhode Island about ten years ago (and even then i drove the hour a few times). Even now I miss him: just a couple of weeks ago I told me new dentist how much I miss the guy. What a genius. *sigh*
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