Help me find that voice actor!
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Who is the former NPR staffer that is now working in recording audiobooks?

I realize that this is completely obscure, but my googlefu is colossally failing me. Back in May (around 17-20) I was listening to NPR on my way home from work (local station WHYY), and there was an interview with a former NPR staffer (male) who now works as a voice actor for audiobooks. I remember him discussing the process of being in a studio and recording audiobooks, noting that one of his most recent recordings took over a month to do because it was a massive tome about either history or religion. I really want to find out what this book was, but I don't have much to go on. If anyone heard this and can point me in the direction of the interview, I would much appreciate it!
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What time of day was the program?
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Could it have been Daniel Pinkwater? He's not a staffer although he's been on NPR a lot over the years, and he reads/records his books as well as podcasts.
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I bet it was this Hear and Now episode (the section "So You Think You’d Make A Great Book Narrator" ).

Hear and Now, 5/20/2010
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Well, "Here and Now" not "Hear and Now" but, well, ahem...
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