Best version of "the preacher and the slave" for children
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What is the best version of "The Preacher and the Slave" (you may know it as "Pie in the Sky") for me? I am making a collection of songs for my toddler daughter, so it should be clear and have fairly simple arrangement. And it should only have the original lyrics without additions or improvisations.
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Best answer: Words and easy chords are in the Rich & Poor chapter in Rise Up Singing, if you're looking to sing it yourself; the references section lists the following recordings: The Weavers, "Travelin' On"; Joe Glazer "Songs of Joe Hill"; Earl Robinson, "Strange Unusual Evening"; Utah Phillips "We HAve Fed You All", "All Used Up," and "Utah Phillips Sings Songs of the IWW".

You can preview a whole bunch of versions (Utah Phillips, Cisco Houston, Pete Seeger, Joe Glazer, etc) on the Smithsonian Folkways site. The Seeger version (solo, without the rest of the Weavers) is about as basic a version as you're going to get.
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Response by poster: The Pete Seeger version is PERFECT. I got excited when I saw that the Weavers did it because I have the box set in the basement somewhere, but "Preacher and the Slave" didn't make it on there.
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