Sneaker style sorting sought!
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Where can we find or who makes cheap-ish, sturdy sneakers?

My husband is hard on shoes. He has just worn out his most favorite pair of sneakers (adidas, I believe) and is ready to find new ones. In the interest of expediency (I once watched him try on every pair of boots in a very large store to find just the right one) we're trying to narrow the field. Mr Kittyloop also says: I *need* good arch support. I prefer they don't look like walter matthau would play shuffleboard in them. I like a little bling. Thanks!
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Best answer: Asics trainers. I have pairs from as far back as 2005. You can pick up a pair for under $100.
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Well, these, (until recently) where my everyday pair of shoes. I also have a pair I reserve for when someone dies. I decided I had to replace the shoes once there were holes in the top and bottoms (without a foot in them you could see though the whole shoe).

I just replaced them with another pair of Nikes.

Now, I'm not a Nike fan for the exact reason it sounds like your hubby may be. I don't want my shoes to look like Photoshop puked on them.

Anyway, if you have an outlet mall anywhere near I'd advise hitting one of them. I got a replacement pair for $30. Even the additional running shoes I got only cost me $70 more for a pair of the Nike+.

Also, bring your old shoes with you. Nike lets you recycle them to be made into track surfaces.
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Best answer: My husband is incredibly hard on shoes too. We've found that if we spend less than about $100 on sneakers they'll wear out faster. That's $100 before any sale prices. Look for the sales!

Right now he's wearing Asics and loving them.

We also always get him the nice inserts that they sell at the store. It makes a huge difference for his arch support.
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Nike Factory Store.
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Best answer: You need Starburys. $20 a pair. Wear pretty well. Toss out. Get new pair. Repeat 5 times before same as other sneakers.
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New Balance are comfortable, provide good support, and are cheap. I'm an engineer, and around the office, New Balance sneakers are ubiquitous.
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does he wear the same pair every day? shoes last longer if they're in rotation with other pairs; this is true even of sneakers. if there are particular styles he likes, just go on zappos & ebay and buy a few pairs of the same style in various colorways for cheaper than you can get in stores and put them all in rotation.
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